(12006) WIPES IND , 100pc - Singles & Cases - Incl VAT - Chemqua

(12006) WIPES IND , 100pc - Singles & Cases - Incl VAT

  • R 486.00 incl VAT

Multipurpose industrial strength cleaning wipes.

Removes oil, grease, paint, ink and adhesives of different surfaces. The textured side of the wipe will gently but efficiently remove all contamination. The smooth side of the wipe will effectively retain contamination.

High absorbency cleaning wipes layered with an effective polymer web to give all the cleaning power of pumice without the scratching. Highly effective on a range of soiling types adhesives, tar, bitumen, resins, silicone grease, oils, petrochemicals, paints, and more. Cleaner and towel together in one convenient wipe. Contains skin conditioner to replace natural oils removed in cleaning. No contamination from heavy perfumes.


  •  Cleaning of all kinds of surfaces, tools, work pieces, hands, etc..
  •  Removing difficult contaminants, such as adhesive, gasket residue, bitumen,  silicone, ink, oil, grease, lubricants, paint.
  •  Mobile or remote applications, such as service engineers.