(30563) Zinc, 500ml - Singles & Cases - incl VAT - Chemqua

(30563) Zinc, 500ml - Singles & Cases - incl VAT

  • R 195.00 incl VAT

Cathodic protection, even for damaged galvanised parts.

Zinc based coating with excellent adhesion to metal surfaces. The high zinc content is sacrificed during the corrosion process and so provides a galvanic protection of the treated metal. The dry coating contains a maximum amount of zinc (purity 98%), ensuring a self-healing effect when the coating gets scratched. The dry coating is matt and has an excellent surface structure to be painted.

Excellent touch-up for galvanised surfaces. • Long term corrosion protection. • Excellent corrosion resistance through cathodic protection, even when the coating is damaged. • Can be painted over by most of the commonly used finishes. • None chlorinated solvents. • Totally free of lead and chromates. • High temperature resistance. • Meets the specifications according to ISO 3549. Contains zinc with purity of > 99 %.