(31262) Silicone FPS Perma Lock, 500ml - Singles & Cases - incl VAT - Chemqua

(31262) Silicone FPS Perma Lock, 500ml - Singles & Cases - incl VAT

  • R 90.00 incl VAT

Food Processing Safe, synthetic lubricating oil, suitable for plastic drives and applications at high temperatures.

Superior synthetic lubricant with a premium grade high quality silicone. CRC Silicone exhibits superior lubrication and temperature/viscosity characteristics. NSF H1 registered. It reduces friction and noise on non-metal parts, throughout the food industry.


  •  Provides long life lubrication in the food processing area. Applicable where an incidental contact with the food might occur. 
  • Provides long life lubrication to: links, pins, slides and chutes. 
  • CRC Silicone offers an extraordinary protection to metals against water.;
  • The light lubricating film prevents deterioration of plastics and rubbers and prevents them from sticking to metals in extreme climatic conditions. (DO NOT APPLY ON SILICONE RUBBERS)