(32347) High Speed Chain Oil, 500ml - Singles & Cases - incl VAT - Chemqua

(32347) High Speed Chain Oil, 500ml - Singles & Cases - incl VAT

  • R 168.00 incl VAT

Water resistant chain lubricant.

A specially formulated blend of high quality mineral and synthetic oils, anti-oxidation and antiwear additives, friction modifiers and tackiness agents. Penetrates deeply into vital chain pin and bushing areas, then sets to form an adhering, long lasting lubricating film. Designed even for highly loaded fast running chains used in corrosive, high power and shock load conditions. Resists hot and cold water wash-off and high rpm sling-off. Reduces friction, wear, noise and vibration. Extends the chain life and is O-ring compatible. Harmless to metals, most plastics and rubbers.


• Chain drives.

• Open gears.

• Pulleys.

• Hoists.

 • Forklifts.

• Motorcycle chains.

• Construction site equipment.

• Sprockets.

• Wire ropes.

• Snatch blocks.

• Conveyors

• Overhead door drives.

• Tractors and farm equipment

• Car wash equipment.

• Marine lubrication.