(6028) CRC Tackle Guard 100g, Singles & Cases - incl VAT - Chemqua

(6028) CRC Tackle Guard 100g, Singles & Cases - incl VAT

  • R 163.00 incl VAT

CRC Tackle GUARD is a specifically formulated for the use on all tackle. CRC Tackle GUARD is ideal for protecting and lubricating whilst with its superior penetrating power drives out moisture leaving a long lasting film that will not dry out. Protects all types of fresh and salt water reels without damaging monofilament, EVA grips and seals against corrosion.

Recommended to penetrate driving out moisture and leaving a long lasting film, as part of preventative maintenance programs and as an environmental shield

Moisture eliminator for wet equipment. Creates a moisture barrier to prevent trouble before it starts. Protective film seals out moisture. Lubricant which will give lubrication where it penetrates, restoring smooth action and silencing annoying squeaks